Hardeep Grewal is going to set high level example for Punjabi Cinema with ‘Tunka Tunka’

Punjabi Teshan : Mohali, June 23, 2021: In this era, people love to watch different kind of content in cinema and the taste of audiences is changing. On the other side, filmmakers are trying to fulfill the audiences’ expectations. So, the actors are also trying to deliver their best. Actors work very hard on their looks, language, acting and body transformation these days.

Tunka Tunka Hardeep Grewal
Tunka Tunka Hardeep Grewal

So here is another example Hardeep Grewal who did body transformation for his debut pollywood movie ‘Tunka Tunka’. Generally, it’s a normal thing for the actors to transform their body according to character and script. But the thing which is differentiating Hardeep Grewal from others is that Tunka Tunka is his debut movie in Pollywood, still he have done a lot of efforts for this. The poster of the movie has been revealed on the social media few days ago. Moreover, people are appreciating Hardeep Grewal’s look on the social media as well, even the celebrities are appreciating him a lot.

It is clearly visible in the pictures that Hardeep has done a lot of hard work on his body and appearance which is one of the most iconic transformations in the Punjabi Industry. Talking about the film credits, we will see Hardeep Grewal in the lead role and Sardar Sohi, Sameep Singh Ranaut, Hashneen Chauhan ,Balwinder Bullet and Antar in the pivotal roles. The movie is directed by Garry Khatrao. Apart from this, the story of the film is penned by J Davin . Further, the dialogues and the screenplay are written by Hardeep Grewal. In spite of this, the producer of the movie is Hardeep Grewal. The special thing is, Tunka Tunka is going to give you the full doze of motivation and a great message for life.

The movie is going to hit the theaters on 16th July of this year. The expectations are already high because as we have already seen a high quality work in Hardeep Greewal’s songs. Whether the lyrics, voice and the concepts of songs, everything is love by the audience. We have examples like Thokar, Bulandian, Aaja Zindagi by Hardeep Grewal. So we can expect something splendid from ‘Tunka Tunka’ too.

So let us know in comment section that what’s your view on Hardeep Grewal’s transformation.

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