Los Angeles-based singer, actress, and model Sabrina Sapal recently released a song on the Jass Records called ‘Bewafa Nikleya Tu,

Punjabi Teshan : Mohali, June 23, 2021:Los Angeles-based singer, actress, and model Sabrina Sapal recently released a song on the Jass Records called ‘Bewafa Nikleya Tu,’ which has surpassed over 1 million views. It is a sad Punjabi song, which has touched the hearts of her audience. Many Instagrammers are making reels and posting them using the song ‘Bewafa Nikleya Tu.’

Sabrina is the singer and is featured in the music video as an actress. The music has been created by Ar-V and the lyrics are written by SHAANI. The music video has been shot at various locations in San Diego, California, U.S.A. One famous location it has been shot at is Balboa Park. It is visited by many tourists from around the world and many well-known films have been shot there. Other locations are also renowned locations in San Diego such as the Coronado Island beach. Sabrina is seen acting opposite Ryan Nazimi who was very cooperative and an excellent actor. The music video was directed by Anthony Alcaraz who shot various other films and music videos in California.

Sabrina Sapal
Sabrina Sapal

On the first day of the shoot, it was raining. Therefore the whole shoot was canceled on the day. The next day, the beach scene was shot at sunrise. The video took a total of three days to shoot. Earlier in May Sabrina released her first international song, ‘Maharaja’ with European-based record label, ‘Thrace Music.’ Cristian Tarcea’s music label, Thrace Music has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and it is based in Romania. Thrace Music is Romania’s leading music label. She has written the English lyrics for ‘Maharaja.’ Since this release, Sabrina has been getting song offers from German, Italian, and Spanish DJs and music producers. Many music directors and artists are approaching Sabrina for collaborations.

Sabrina is an experienced songwriter as she is part of the ‘Nashville Songwriters Association International’ based in the United States. Another song which is written and composed by her in English is soon to be released. She is also working on a modern Qawwali type of song as well in which she has composed the music herself. Some more peppy songs in Punjabi are also in the works. Other hit songs of Sabrina are ‘Mast Malang’ and Shauq Marran Da. ‘Mast Malang’ was released by Pinky Dhaliwal’s music label, Mad 4 Music. It has surpassed over 10 million views organically. ‘Shauq Marran Da’ is a sufi dubstep song which was released by Times Music. Both songs have crossed millions of views on YouTube.

Each one of Sabrina’s songs are of a different genre. No two songs are alike so she always provides an element of surprise with each release. In California, Sabrina models for designers, acts in commercials and ads for various companies. She also enjoys acting in short films and theater. Sabrina aims for versatility which shows in her work. Her next projects are in progress and will be shooting soon in California. It’s safe to say that music and creativity runs in Sabrina’s veins.

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Post Author: Jasdeep Singh Rattan