Shareek (2015) Punjabi Movie Review : Jimmy Sheirgill : Mahie Gill : Guggu Gil

Amazingly made and awesome performances..

Punjabi Teshan Rating : 3.5/5

Directed by : Navaniat Singh

Produced by: Vivek Ohri . S. Gill P. P. Saini K. S. Saini

Story by : Dheeraj Rattan

Starring: Jimmy Sheirgill,Mahie Gill, Guggu Gill, Simar Gill (Introducing), Oshin Sai (Brar), Mukul Dev, Kuljinder Sidhu , Prince KJ, Hobby Dhaliwal, Gulchoo Jolly

Production company: Ohri Productions, Gilco & Green Planet Production

Well well well.. After a long long time that’s the the movie watch for. That movie could be a new trend setter in the Punjabi film industry. Everything from the story, performances and presentation were Amazing. That’s one of the best of Punjabi cinema we have ever seen. Film is all about the land dispute that we usually see in the Punjabi joint families. Cousins hate each other because they think the land their brothers own that belongs to them.

Plot: Guggu Gill and Jimmy Sheirgill are brothers and they have a land dispute with their cousins Mukul Dev, kuljinder Sidhu..Mukul Dev and kuljinder Sidhu killed Jimmy Sheirgill’s father in return Jimmy killed kuljinder Sidhu. Then Guggu Gill ask Jimmy to leave to England. Guggu Gill has two sons he send his younger with Jimmy. After 10 years his elder Son got married and also they win a case of land as well. But Mukul Dev couldn’t tolerate that and kill Agam..when Jimmy got to know all that he came back to Punjab that’s what Mukul Dev wanted …so what happen after to reveal that you should go to theaters and watch that movie…

Star performances: Jimmy Sheirgill at his best. Jimmy played ‘Jassa’ and he was amazing. Jimmy played a brother, a lover,a chacha,a son and more importantly JASSA which makes that film awesome. Guggu Gill looks fantastic as his elder brother. On the other hand Mukul Dev shows why people call him one if the best actors in Punjabi industry. Kuljinder Sidhu had a small but very important and energetic role in which he is been amazing. Mahie Gill doesn’t have much to do but in her small role she was fantastic too. Rest of the star cast played their part very effectively. Overall movie has some great actors in line up and they stunned the audience with their acting skills.

Technicality: Navaniat Singh Made A Masterpiece. The way he told the story was really creative. He showed a Punjab in two different eras. The prop’s , locations and costumes been used were very well suited the situations. The way he handle every character was really appreciate able.

Writing: By writing that story Dheeraj Rattan showed why he is one of the best writers that we have today. Every character in the movie have their own importance. They way story progress you feels like inside a story. Which shows a greatness of the writer.

Music: music is also plus factor of the movie. Jaidev Kumar done a brilliant job. All the songs are fantastic and made with soul.

At the end we would like to say that movie has a different concept according to today’s era. It’s a well made film. It’s a must watch film. So if you are fan of Jimmy Sheirgill and wanna see some outstanding acting performances than that’s the movie. So go and watch that epic movie in theaters.. Have fun stay happy ..cya



Post Author: Uttam