Punjabi comedy ‘Bol Mere Kukda Kukdu Ghadoon’ goes on sets of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapi

The Upcoming Punjabi Laugh Riot Film ‘Bol Mere Kukda Kukdu Ghadoon’ (BMKKG) is being released in April. The film is a tribute to yesteryears legendary Punjabi comedian – Late Gopal Sehgal. It is noteworthy to mention that Gopal Sehgal was a Renowned Actor & Comedian. Among the many well known movies he did was the Punjabi film ‘Mama Ji’, in which he was in the lead opposite Indira Billi and in which Comedian Mehmood had also made a Guest appearance. The film has found a new fan in popular stand up comedian & host of the hugely popular TV show Comedy Nights with Kapil — Kapil Sharma.Bol Mere Kukda Kukdu Ghadoon a

The film’s cast and crew recently went to visit the sets of ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ after Kapil Sharma agreed to promote the film on his runaway hit programme. The movie is written & directed by Rajinder Singh Atish & has been Produced by Pooja, who is  Gopal Sehgal’s Grand Daughter. Said Kapil, “My father was a big fan of Gopal Sehgal Ji and his favourite movie was Mamaji. When Pooja Ji expressed her desire to visit the show’s sets to promote the upcoming movie i immediately agreed.”

Producer of the film Pooja said, “Kapil Sharma is one of the greatest human beings I have met. We also gifted Kapil a DVD of my Grandfather — Gopal Sehgal’s Film ‘Mama Ji’. He was so excited to see the promo of the movie and he told me that don’t forget to invite me when you have a special screening of the film. This indeed is an honour for us all” Kapil Sharma’s ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ on Colors provided an exciting platform for BMKKG’s Cast & Crew.

The lead actor of the movie who is also debuting in the film – Rittesh was present on the sets of ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ along-with Pooja. Pooja said on the sets that BMKKG is not a biopic on Mr Sehgal, but a high quality family entertainer full of laughs. It is a tribute to Mr Gopal Sehgal & has been made under the banner ‘Gopal Sehgal Fan Klub’. The movie is being marketed & distributed by White Lion Entertainment.The film has given a break to both the female & male lead actors – Rittu Sharma who is a National School of Drama (NSD) alumnus & Rittesh respectively.

Bol Mere Kukda Kukdu Ghadoon b Bol Mere Kukda Kukdu Ghadoon