‘Tugalki Farman’ by film censor board : Says, ‘ We Like The movie ‘Kaum De Heere-2’ but can’t release the certificate until you change the name ‘.

Because of the absolutism of film censor board and opportunistic politicians,who wants to stay in lime lite,the original Kaum De Heere couldn’t reach theaters before. The case is still pending in supreme court and makers are hoping for the positive result soon.

In the main time “Kaum De Heere” been appreciated all over the world where ever its been released. With the concurrences of non-residence Punjabi’s, the writer of original ‘Kaum De Heere’ Mr. Ravinder Ravi started working on his next project named Pavitar Singh Uraf  Peeter- Kaum De Heere-2.

Ravinder Ravi didn’t want any controversy this time so he decided to write a story with No such elements to debate on.Later the film had been completed and now ready to release on 9th of October. Well here is the twist, when the film went to censor board to get a certificate, the makers couldn’t even believe what they have heard.

They been told that the members of board didn’t like the name so makers have to change the name if they want to get a certificate. Then makers asked a question that the name of the movie is not against any religions or cast and also doesn’t giving any false statement about any leader or person,so what’s the problem with the name. Members were speak less  to these questions. They only had a insistence to change the name of the movie otherwise they won’t release the certificate to film.

Makers reject to do so and decide to go to a revising committee. The producer of ‘Kaum De Heere’ Sukhi Akalia said even after a ban on Kaum De Heere people are still watching the movie in buses and Gurudwara’s. He also had a look on a poster in a village near Mansa which clearly mentioned the timing of the movie been showed right after the Deewan and bhog of Shri Akhand Path sahib Ji.

Then he asked a question from the opposition people specially from BJP leader Dr. Swaran Kanta Chawla that now what they have to say on that because people are still watching the movie on the Internet or from whatever the sources the can get. Does that making any harm to the society.

Actor Sukhdeep Sukh who played Bhai Satwant Singh in Kaum De Heere  as also playing a character in Kaum De Heere-2 was also concerned about the releasing of the movie. He didn’t want any controversy this time.

Famous Comedian Gurmeet woodline (chacha chpeda wala) also said that Punjab is never been set on a fire just because of a film it never happened and never would be. He also mention that this is so unfortunate behavior by the censor board and the government toward Punjabi movies based on Sikh warriors and that always hurt Sikh community.



Post Author: Uttam