Trailer Review of upcoming movie ‘Vadda Kalakaar’ – Its giving wonderful comedy feels!

Vadda Kalakaar movie starring Alfaaz and Roopi Gill is on the way to hit the theatre screens. The trailer of the movie is released and giving wonderful feels of a new way of comedy. Trailer starts with the direction of BN Sharma .. Are you confused but don’t be because he is playing a character of director in the movie.

Vadda Kalakaar movie is presented by Red Castle Motion Pictures and directed by Kuldeep Kaushik. Trailer of the movie is presented in a way of story telling which is very interesting. Roopi Gill is playing the love interest of Alfaaz and he wants to be an actor to get married with her. Wow!! Another love story with a blend of comedy. Many Pollywood stars like Nirmal Rishi, Yograj Singh, Harbhy Sangha are seen in the trailer and the most highlighted person in the trailer is the writer of the movie playing character of Kaante whose name is Deedar Gill.

Undoubtedly, trailer is giving superb feels to watch the whole movie in the theater. All the characters are seen very good and depicted in a beautiful manner which is a good point of a good trailer. Old time feels are also in the trailer and the looks of Alfaaz is very impressive. On the other hand, Roopi Gill’s different way of speaking is also seeking attention. This movie will hit the theater screens on 28th December, 2018.