Trailer Review – Bhajjo Veero Ve Is A Blend Of Comedy, Emotions And Drama

Rhythm Boyz Entertainment and Hayre Omjee Studios presented movie Bhajjo Beero Ve is coming soon as the trailer is released which is depicting the the movie has a blend of comedy, emotions and alot of drama. The leads in the movie are Amberdeep Singh and Simi Chahal. Trailer released is very eye catchy as the era of 90’s is depicted in it.

Bhajjo Veero Ve Punjbai Movie Trailer Reviewjpg
Bhajjo Veero Ve Punjbai Movie Trailer Reviewjpg

Guggu Gill is seen riding horses which is quite exciting to witness after a long period of time. Story of the movie will revolve around 4 unmarried boys who are looking forward to get married. From them one have got his love who is Simi Chahal but he cant get her because he has no family. So to find the family he went to a Pind where he found Guggu Gill who is his Mama ji. Oh!! God confusions!! Yes this movie will be unfolding many things. The relations of all and the love angle of Amberdeep Singh and Simi Chahal. Music of the movie is given by Jatinder Shah. Bhajjo Veero Ve is a marriage based sunject movie but it will be a bit different from others.

The story is written & directed by Amberdeep Singh as he is looking very impressive in the trailer. He is a lot improved in terms of acting and its lovely to watch Simi alongside him. Both are looking very cute but how their chemistry will touch the hearts, audience is waiting to watch that in the movie. Bhajjo Veero Ve is all set to release on 14th December, 2018.