Title track of Upcoming Punjabi Film ‘Fuffad ji’ in the voice of Gurnam Bhullar has been released

Mohali (Punjabi Teshan) Even if a person works  in a lower position, but if he is the fuffad in the house, then it is huge post in itself, the examples of fuffad’s value are given from the beginning. Where Garari is trapped, understand that nothing can happen now and if the instructions of Fuffad are not followed, then there will be only chaos. If Fuffar had to visit the in-laws, then the preparations would be like a festival. The meaning of Fuffad and his Status in the family is fully described in the title track.

The title track released today has been picturised on the main leads of the film – Gurnam Bhullar and Binnu Dhillon. In the video, Binnu Dhillon and Gurnam Bhullar are seen in a different style which has further aroused the curiosity of the viewers.

‘Fuffad Ji’ is all set to release on November 11. People are excited to see not only the feud between Chann and Arjun i.e. Gurnam Bhullar and Binnu Dhillon, but are also eager to see how the family will cope up with their tantrums.

With the lyrics of Gurnam Bhullar himself and the music by Daoud, the title track of ‘Fuffad Ji’ has been composed in the powerful voice of Gurnam Bhullar.

The film ‘Fuffad Ji’ is written by Raju Verma, directed by Pankaj Batra and produced by Zee Studios and K Kumar. The film will be released worldwide by Zee Studios and K Kumar Studios.