The Film “Tufang,” Starring Guri, Jagjeet Sandhu, and Rukshaar Dhillon, Has Just Been Released; Read The Review Here!

Mohali : 22nd July, 2023: (Punjabi Teshan) Recently, the movie “Tufang,” starring Guri, Jagjeet Sandhu, and Rukshaar Dhillon, was released in theatres. People have already seen the trailer and are enjoying the movie’s music. ‘Tufang’ has now been launched in the theatres near you after a long wait. Several criteria will be used to evaluate this film.

This film’s plot revolves around a young man operating a traditional gun house and a woman running an IELTS training centre. Both of them were brought together by circumstance, and the girl set requirements for the boy that he must murder two men in order to marry her. You can find out why these killings are happening and what occurs next by viewing this movie.

Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan, who is also the film’s director, wrote the story. He did a fantastic job in this film. Dheeraj did an incredible job, from giving each character equal screen time to selecting artists and brilliantly portraying this story.

Guri both portrayed the role of Arjan, the owner of a gun shop who falls in love with the girl who owns the IELTS Institute played by Rukshaar Dhillon. They both did a fantastic job portraying their personas and put on wonderful performances. In addition, despite the fact that Jagjeet Sandhu’s persona was unpleasant, you could not help but applaud his performance.

We have already gotten a kick out of the movie’s songs. Songs such as Glock, Velly, and Teri Main Hogyi are also made available. The placement of the songs in the film will impress you.

Overall:- We’ll tell you right away that it’s a family film and a total entertainer. After watching this film, you’ll leave with more than just enjoyment; you’ll also carry a message with you. Punjabi Teshan Gives ‘Tufang’ movie 4.5 out of 5 stars………………

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