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Starring: Dev Kharoud, Saanvi Dhiman, Jagjeet Sandhu, Kajal Behl, Lucky Dhaliwal
Director: Avtar Singh
Produced by: Ravneet Kaur Chahal, Daljit Singh Bola, Rajesh Kumar
Co Produced by: Blockbuster Movies
Story Screenplay: Avtar Singh, Inderpal Singh
Cinematographer : Navneet Bedhar
Singers: Nachhatar Gill, Veet Baljit,Angrej Ali, Shipra Goyal
Lyricist: Veet Baljit
Music by : Qaistrax
Music on : Lokdhun
Digital Partner: Lokdhun Punjabi
Distribution: Omjee Group

Review – As we know Rupinder Gandhi is too friendly with their companion and same their friends also always ready for sacrifice their life for him.There is an awesome feeling to watch a movie with huge hustle and bustle.whole hall had the sound of slogan “Gandhi Zindabad”. The film story had begun when Gandhi name spread across Khanna and out of Khana in all over the world. Everyone wanted to attach with Gandhi, either they were students, normal people or politics leader.Every College of Punjab used the slogan of Gandhi.After some time Gandhi was famous in the whole world but at that time he offended the eye for some people, and due to this, he lost his life. As we concern movie’s artists then Dev Kharoud did amazing acting of Gandhi and atmosphere created by his friends also joyful.

Jagjit Sandhu acted as  Bhola who is the heart of Gandhi group, everyone enjoys his innocent mischievous and it is the part of a laugh in the movie. Sanvi Dhiman performed nicely.she kept attitude in college but she falls down her heart on Gandhi. Bhola has a crush on Kajal Behal in the movie. Sukhdeep Sukh, Navdeep Kaler, Aman Kotish are the other gems of the movie.

Director Avtar Singh has a strong hold on the story.The story penned down by Inderpal. The Music of Rupinder Gandhi movie is astonishing.The song Siva is a very emotional song and it also touches people heart too. The background score of the movie was designed by Salil Amrute and the background score was so alive throughout the movie. It engages the audience.
Gandhi’s fans proof today that Rupinder Gandhi still in their heart and will always be in their hearts.

Rupinder Gandhi 2 The Robin Hood  Movie Review
Rupinder Gandhi 2 The Robin Hood Movie Review



Post Author: Priyanka Sharma