Rapper Bohemia hits it back with Nishana movie title song starring Kulwinder Billa and Tanroj Singh

Punjabi Teshan : November 14, 2022:Because of the anticipation around Kulwinder Billa and Tanroj Singh’s next movie, whether it be the movie trailer or their new appearance, the audience’s interest is growing daily.

The film’s theme song, Nishan, sung by Simar Doraha and Bohemia, is a new factor that will heighten this curiosity. Kulwinder Billa and Tanroj Singh can be seen in new roles in the song’s music video. The song’s music is incredibly intense, conveying energy in the same way as its name, Nishana, does.

The number one rapper Bohemia enters the song, capturing the entire song’s attention with the best and most attention-grabbing rap lyrics, making him the most alluring aspect of it. The song’s rap is performed by Bohemia, a Pakistani-American rapper who helped popularise rap music in the country. Anyone would undoubtedly love the vibe of the song on loop with such raps; the atmosphere he conveys in his song enhances the mood.

The rapper has been out of the business for some time, but he is coming back with his old music and is ready to stoke the flames of his followers. Intriguing background music is also present. But his comeback with the song is soothing to the ears of every Punjabi globally. The movie is going to release on 25th November 2022 and hit the theatres with its accurately hitting ‘Nishana’.



Post Author: Simarpreet Kaur