Ramta Jogi Review : Punjabi Movie

“Boring and a combination of bad acting and presentation”

Punjabi Teshan Rating : **(2/5)

Vijayta Films Presents Ramta Jogi in association with I’MPOSSIBLE Films. Directed by Guddu Dhanoa.
You feel board by watching the movie. It’s a typical Indian love story, which you have seen so many times before.

Star cast: Star Cast: Deep Sidhu, Ronica Singh, Rahul Dev, Jafar Dhillon & Anil Grover,Girish Sahdev.
Story by: Santosh Dhanoa
Music: Santosh Singh

Ramta Jogi Plot:
The plot of the movie is set in a Patiala , where a rich girl falls in love with a poor guy. Ronica Singh is a daughter of a very rich and well known family ( Grover’s) of the city. On the other hand Jogi ( Deep Sidhu) is a poor mechanic.who lives with his aunt after his parents passed away. Boy and girl accidentally meet each other and then fall in love. Girl’s father Mr.Grover ( Rahul Dev ) who doesn’t like all those things, loves his daughter so much . One day girl’s parents decide to arrange her marriage with another guy . Then the love birds decide to leave the house and move to Mumbai…….after that What happen to them ? Did they got married or not ? Did girl’s father found them or not ? To answer those questions you have to go to theaters and watch the movie.

Performances: Deep Sidhu is a newcomer His acting was poor, he needs to spend more time to improve his acting Skills. Ronica Singh was also okay, But she looks good on screen. Rahul Dev has done a decent job, a talented actor whose abilities have not been utilised in this film. Overall the performances of the senior actors in the movie are okay but most of the newcomers have far way to go.. The only brilliant performance has done by ‘Chottu’..the guy who played a role of trainee at Jogi’s shop.

Technicalities: Guddu Dhanoa who has many hit films in his career ends up a big flop in the direction department. He has a great concept on paper, but he fails to deliver it on the big screen and whole lot of confusion in the story just messes up the beautiful concept that he tried to show us through this film. The story was not that convincing and but concept was good. The locations been used in the movie were not up to the mark. The presentation of the movie were not Guddu Dhanoa’s type.. The movie looks like wrap up in a hurry.

MUSIC: The only good thing in the movie is It’s music. Santosh Singh and Harry Anand has done great job.All the songs in a movie are good.

Verdict: Ramta jogi is not a great film and surely can be missed during this weekend but if you are a Rahul Dev fan and love to watch love stories then you can manage to sit for more than 2 hours in the theater and bare this film.



Post Author: Uttam