Mukhtiar Chadha Movie Review : Diljit Dosanjh : Oshin Brar

“Chadda Saab is here to take you on ride of laugh and dance..”

Starring : Diljit Dosanjh, Oshin Sai, Yashpal Sharma, Khayalli, Jaswant Rathore, Inderpal Singh, Kiran Juneja

Director : Gifty

Ratings : ****

Production Ohri Productions Pvt. Ltd.Wahid Sandhar Showbiz

Plot: Mukhtiar Chadha ( Diljit) is living in old delhi with his mom ( kiran juneja) and his uncle ( inderpal Singh). He also runs a business of property. Dimple ( Oshin Brar ) is his Neibour and Mukhtiar lover her. Mukhtiar’s mother runs a Antique’s shop and wants Mukhtiar to join her but he is not interested.
Mukhtiar sails a property of his customer to a guy but unfortunately he is a don name Hussain. They tried to capture the land illegally but Mukhtiar failed their plan from that point they become enemy ….after that what happen to Mukhtiar chadda ? To see that you must go to cinema’s and watch that film…

Performances: everyone in the movie looks fantastic even small characters too.
Mukhtiar ( Daljit) is Amazing as always, some time you feel he is doing a over acting but that’s a demand of a character of mukhtiar chadda that’s how he is . Kiran juneja as his mother looks good. Inderpal Singh as his uncle also done a great job. Oshin Brar looks beautiful and charming on the screen and played a decent role. vikash Kumar as mukhtiar’s friend also done a fine job.
On the other hand in a negative character Yashpal Sharma played his character very well , as his brother Rajasthani comedian Khayali was wonderful too.
Apart from those rest of the star cast played their part with efficiency.

Technicality: As a director Gifty has done a fantastic job. Locations been used in the movie were looks fantastic and a camera work was amazing too. Some of the fight scenes in the movie are too good. The way he tells the story was appreciateable..

Music: Music of the film is fantastic and already on top chart buster. All the songs are very well maid. Some of the songs just stuck in your mind like Noora sister’s song and diljit’s shoo shaa,shoo shaa..

At the end we would like to say it’s a movie for diljit’s fans. It’s all about Daljit. So go and watch chadda Saab in the theaters he will force you to laugh and dance… Have fun guys We’ll see next time with another Punjabi release until then stay happy and cya…



Post Author: Uttam