Movie Review Rupinder Gandhi The Gangster..? : Punjabi Movie

Typical Gang war film with some good performances

Punjabiteshan Ratting : 3/5

Starring : Dev Kharoud,Kul Sidhu, Navdeep Kaler, Karamjit Brar, Dheeraj Kumar, Jagjeet Sandhu, Lucky Dhaliwal, Bunty Dhillon, Lally Pandher, Nahinder Gakhar, Sanjeev Rai, Diksha Dhyani,Tarn Mann, Rupinder Rupi

Written and Directed by: Taran Mann

Produced by: Daljit Singh Bola

‘Rupinder Gandhi’ is a daring movie in comedy era of Punjabi movies, and i must say its a job well done. It’s a typical gangster’s movie. You will see everything you can expect from that kind of movie. It’s a combination of good story and excellent work by everyone. Some time you will feel like you are watching a Ram Gopal Verma’s movie..There are so many mistakes in direction department but while following the story you can skip them..

Plot: The film starts off with one of Rupinder Gandhi’s friend who is in prison and starts telling a story of Rupinder Singh how he became a famous gangster.

Here the flashback starts which shows ups and down in Rupinder’s life. His friends were his life. He always said he do not want to do anything wrong but he can’t see if somebody is doing wrong with someone. His friends were always with him,In his every wrong and right ..

Performances: Everyone in the movie has done a great job. Specially Dev Kharoud and Kul Sidhu and a guy who plays a character of Bhola. Each and every character looks fit and fine in a story. Some of the actors need to improve but you can ignore them easily.

Technicality: well, here are some issues with the film. Director suppose to tell a story well before year 2000 but he fails completely to do so many scenes you can see today’s senerio. The market, the places , new posters and holdings on the walls ,which shows immaturity of Director. He should have worked to show that period of time. Apart from that he has done a fair job.

Music: Film’s music is already on the lips of youngsters. All the songs are well fit in a storyline.

Overall it’s a good story to watch.people who love action and gore, they should watch it and also if you feel an overdose of comedy from Punjabi movies then you can consider it for a change. So happy watching and keep supporting us…cya



Post Author: Uttam