Movie Review : Faraar : Punjabi Movie : Gippy Grewal

Direction: Baljit Singh Deo
Star cast: Gippy Grewal, Kainaat Arora,Jaggi Singh
Produced by: Sippy Grewal and Nitin Talwar
Writer: Jas Grewal
Music: Jatinder Shah, Dr.Zeus,Bohemia, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Rating : ***3/5

Run Time : 148 Minutes

Like any other Baljit Singh Deo’s movie it’s packed with good locations, amazing music and beautiful cinematography. It’s based on a guy who lives in America and become Gangster unwillingly..

Story plot: story starts with a guy Ekam (Gippy Grewal) who is going to America for making his future bright. In a flight he met jasmin ( Kainaat Arora) soon as he arrived America, the police caught him because he looks like a wanted gangster Shinda..the jasmin arrange a famous lawyer of America to fight Ekam’s case coz he is an innocent guy. In between investigations the story goes into flashback where they shows who was Shinda and how he beacme a gangster and died one day.. Well…was he really died ? Why he became a criminal? What happen to Ekam ? Want all those answers , then go and watch the movie..

Star’s work: Starting with Gippy Grewal, Gippy worked hard on his body which clearly seen he is also improving his acting skills day by day. His work in the movie was good..Kainaat Arora looks sizzling and glamorous on the screen weather she hasn’t much to do as an actress but played her part. Jaggi sing in the characters of kaptaan looks good as well but could be much better..from the acting aspect everyone was quite ok.

Technicality: As we all know Baljit Singh Deo is well known for his cinematography skills, even in this movie he is brilliant in that department but the way story goes was not good enough. People sitting in theatre was easily reading director’s mind and was telling each other what will happen next, which is not good for director’s story telling capability. The scenes could be more dramatic and thrilling which hold the audience but unfortunately that didn’t happen.. But overall its good to watch.

Writing: the story is based on a gangster which wrapped up in a typically Indian masala story which has romance, love,anger,revenge and everything which an Indian viewer always want to see. The dialogues had been used in movie were good and well written.

Music: music is really amazing. Music director has done a great jobs .each and every song in the movie is well written and well sung..

Overall it’s a good movie to watch on this weekend. That’s definitely going to be a another hit in Gippy and Baljit deo’s career..



Post Author: Uttam