Mountain Dew brings to life an anthem by Guru Randhawa

Chandigarh 26 April 2023  (Punjabi Teshan) Beverage brand, Mountain Dew brings to life a path-breaking anthem brought to life by Punjabi singer and youth icon, Guru Randhawa. This soulful anthem is dedicated to the land of courage, Punjab and celebrates the undying spirit of Punjabis, who themselves are the custodians of courage. An extension of Mountain Dew’s mantra Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai, this anthem epitomizes the invincible, indomitable and brave personality of the people of Punjab and reiterates the spirit of conquering every fear with grit and determination.

Guru Randhawa Mountain Dew Team
Guru Randhawa Mountain Dew Team

The rousing anthem Dar Nu Dara is a tribute to Punjabis, who take pride in their courage and truly expresses the secret of what makes fear courageous. Hum Darr Se Aage, Darr Usse Bhage pulsating with an upbeat character-play, the musical number exemplifies the indomitable spirit of Punjab and the power of its youth – which enables them to conquer their fears and chase their dreams with relentless confidence. allows. With the energy of Shajit Lesh standing beside him, this song inspires an entire generation to move beyond hate and fear, and energizes them to be courageous.

The launch of the anthem is accompanied by a music video featuring visuals of musical sensation Guru Randhawa and the spirit from Punjab who never backs down from a challenge. Visually, the visuals of this video also reflect the vibrant, enthusiastic and courageous spirit of Punjab. To promote Anthem in Punjab, Mountain Dew Punjab has also launched promo packs which will give you 150ml free on purchase of 250ml PET bottle.

Speaking on the song, Vineet Sharma, Category Director, Mountain Dew, PepsiCo India said, “Mountain Dew always inspires the youth to be brave enough to conquer their fears and come out victorious! Bravery and courage have always been the hallmark of Punjab and Punjabis. With the new song, we salute the land of Punjab and the people of Punjab for their courage. We are glad that people like Guru Randhawa as vocals, Sneha Khanwalkar as music director and Irshad Kamil as lyricist have made wonderful creative contributions to this song. The Nooran Sisters and Ledger X also contributed to the song. We hope that this song will inspire the youth of Punjab to believe in themselves and conquer with courage, inspire them to conquer with courage to rise higher than ever before!

Commenting on the anthem, singer Guru Randhawa said, “I am extremely thrilled to be associated with Mountain Dew, a brand that has spoken to me in moments where I have conquered fear. His philosophy of ‘victory ahead of the enemy’ impressed me. His philosophy of moving from victory to victory has always impressed me. I am proud to be a part of this powerful and inspirational song. It celebrates the innate self-belief and determination inherited by jawans and inspires them to overcome fear and chase their dreams. I hope this song fills the youth with courage and inspires them to be proactive in the pursuit of their dreams.