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The Biggies of Pollywood collaborate together to bring a blockbuster trinity with “Jodi”…. There is a very famous saying, “Two Great Brains Think Alike”…And when there are four brains of Amrinder Gill, Diljit Dosanjh, Karaj Gill and Amberdeep Singh, we not be wrong in re-quoting the saying as “Four Great Would Definitely Think Alike”, that is why they have collaborated together to make a blockbuster punjabi flick, “Jodi”, and the title of the film is so much similar to the minds behind it.

Jodi Diljit Dosanjh Amrinder Gill Punjabi Movie
Jodi Diljit Dosanjh Amrinder Gill Punjabi Movie

And, when Rhythm Boyz Entertainment and Dosanjhawala Productions are coming together we are very sure that they will definitely give something good to their audience. It is said that when the team and its bonding and its positive approach is so very strong then you are more enthusiastic and energetic to give something better than before and this collaboration of like minded team is going to deliver the best. Rhythm Boyz Entertainment has always been very particular about their films which carry a good content, a good subject, a good message and of course a good star cast. That is why their films are watched by anybody and everybody.

And in this league of making good films which can be seen with a fifteen year old kid and a fifty year old person also, Rhythm Boyz and Dosanjhawala Productions is all set to make a film titled as “Jodi” which is written by non other that Amberdeep, who will also direct the film. The rest of the information regarding the film will also be shared soon. We wish luck to the whole team of Rhythm Boyz Entertainment and Dosanjhawala Productions.