Diljit Dosanjh shares his income tax certificate on social media with caption ‘We can’t be patriotic only by posting on twitter, we have to work for it ‘

As we all know, farmers are on roads and protesting against the the farm laws passed by government. Due to this many Pollywood stars are standing with shoulder to shoulder and protesting with them in Delhi. These celebrities used social media also to raise their voice and Diljit Dosanjh is also one of them.

This leads to a twitter war between Diljit Dosanjh and Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. In this twitter warfare Kangana called Diljit Dosanjh a Khalistani and also said that he is misleading farmers. This is still continue, Kangana can’t keep calm after any tweet of Diljit Dosanjh. So recently Diljit Dosanjh shared his ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ issued by Ministry of Finance Government of India. This certificate is proof that Diljit pays his income tax regularly and he is tax payer of Platinum Category.

He took to his twitter that he doesn’t want to share this but nowadays there is a demand of situation that we have to give proof that ‘we are citizens of India’. Don’t spread this much hate. In his next tweet he wrote that take it my Platinum Certificate. ‘In Recognition of contribution towards building this nation great’ He also taunts Kangana that we don’t become patriotic only by posting on twitter, we have to work for it.

Apart from this, Kanagna Ranaut also taunts Diljit Dosanjh on his recent pictures and said that after misleading farmers he is enjoying vacations. In her reply ,Diljit Dosanjh wrote that ‘ shouldn’t he appointed Kangana as his PR because he is never out of her mind’.

However, Diljit Dosanjh supported farmers through social, coming in protests sitting with farmers and also donated some amount for the farmers in protest. So what’s your call on this helping gesture of Diljit Dosanjh? Share your views in comment section..