Dhulla Bhatti (2016) Movie Review – Binnu Dhillon – Sardar Sohi – BN Sharma

Directed by:Minar Malhotra
Produced by:Mani Dhaliwal
Naman Gupta
Shakti Manchanda
Written by:Minar Malhotra
Starring:Binnu Dhillon
Sardar Sohi
BN Sharma
Aman Hundal
Dev Kharoud
Amar Noorie
Nirmal Rishi
Malkit Rauni

Music by: Laddi Gill

Purushotam chaudhary

Editing : Minar Malhotra

Production company:

Dara Films Entertainment

Aarna Motion Pictures
Namo Films Entertainment
1 To 1 Silver Screen Movies

PT Rating – **2/5

” Despite Binnu Dillon’s valiant effort, this movie is a big YAWN!”
The film is not made well. it’s a wastage of such a great talent like Binnu Dhillon, sardar Sohi and others. There is nothing new in the story. The screenplay and the script were outdated. Cinematography,editing and background music was rubbish. Overall it’s a movie which made unprofessionally.

Anyways here is the plot of the film:
Film starts from the childhood of our characters. There are two brothers named dara and zorawar who loves each other so much. They have been separated for such reasons. They grow up and kid dara become a young men ( binnu dhillon). He falls in love with noor who is also his childhood friend. Later he got to know that his father had been killed by a village’s evil person. Then he decided to take revenge from him for that he got the hands of his brother zorawar too who is the son of that evil man..
To find rest of the answers you guys need to go to the theaters..

What’s hot

Binnu Dhillon is such a fantastic actor in punjabi film industry’s roster, and yet peoole can’t give him one good script to justify his talent.Binnu has given his everything into role, yet gets shortchanged thanks to poor script or direction. No wonder he is confined playing sidey to many punabi films. You can see his efforts. Even in the softer, romantic scenes he is believable, be it in the awkward way he woos the girl, or when he breaks down after he come to know about his father . As a bad man in the film sardar Sohi looks good but he had the same attitude like he always has. Overall performance wise film was okay.

What’s not

We live in an exciting era when it comes to cinema, when even established directors are looking to serve something different. In this time, we are having such a dull story. There is nothing new that the director is bringing much on the table. That big twist in the tale near the midpoint, already given away in the trailers, can be deduced by a six year old. It’s a story with no backbone . Screenplay was not up to mark. there are some scenes in the film which doesn’t even make sense to the audience. However, the film fails on both the criteria. The editor seems to have dozed off at his desk, like the audience in the theatre, as the film seems never ending. Also some sequence are so lazily directed . Apart from the leads, none of the characters make any impact. In fact some of them disappear for no reason.
It could be much better if they worked on script and some technical issues like cinematography,editing and background music etc.

What to do:
If it wasn’t for the performances of Binnu Dhillon, sardar Sohi, b.n.sharma the film would have been a total disaster. Can give a miss.

Now it’s up to you guys if you wanna see binnu dhillon in a different shade then go for it.but if are aspecting much from story and technical aspects then do something else this weekend…
We’ll see you next time until then have a great weekend..cya



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