Tiger Punjabi Movie Review | Sippy Gill | Ihana Dhillon

Starring – Sippy Gill, Yogiraj Singh, Ilhana Dhillon
Directed By – Sartaj Singh Pannu
Story – Sippy Gill
Screenplay – Vishal Sethi
Genre –  Action

Hi guys , this week’s release was Sippy Gill’s tiger. It’s a worth to watch. The concept was nice and well treated. Film’s story was a mixture of little bit everything. Filmmakers tried to make a film with full of everything and get it right on spot. Sippy Gill’s and yograj Singh’s presence made film looks good and watchable.
Tiger-Movie-Still-minPlot:- story start with three friends in their childhood. In their childhood innocence they got involved in drugs. Their village’s some people are selling drugs including yograj Singh. One day these three friends get caught as get separated too. Sippy gill had a go to jail. After 15 years of prison Sippy Gill came back to his village and find his father got killed by someone his own house is not his anymore. Now he wants his house back and start working for that guy who owns his house forcefully. Latterly he found his childhood friends too. One is peon and another one becomes police officer. Now they came together and Start making schemes to arrest all those society devil’s. Did they get it right or not ? Did Sippy got his house back ? What happen to Yograj Singh? To find all these answers you guys need to go to theaters…

Performance,:- Performance wise everyone in the film looks fine. Sippy gill was okay but can work more on his skills. Yograj Singh has very small role in the film but he was great as usual. Other characters in the film justified their characters as they should be.

Technicality:- The concept was nice also the screenplay and direction were good. The director were right on spot with the story. Some characters should have more explained but looks okay as story proceed . For example yograj Singh’s character. Location and scene choices were quite good and justify the screenplay. Same as camera work.

Background score of salil amrute was really amazing,he knows his job very well. The music of the film is okay. Some of the songs are really nice and fits with the storyline.

Overall it can be watch this weekend. If you guys are looking for a full entertainer,then that could be your choice. So that’s it guys w’ll see you next time. until then have fun and cya



Post Author: Uttam