Zorawar – Movie Review – Yo Yo Honey Singh – Punjabi Movie

‘Zorawar’ suffers from a weak presentation and acting.

PT Rating **2/5

Directed By – Vinnil Markan
Produced By – Rajiee M Shinde, Ravindra Narayan

You’ve got to hand it to yo yo honey Singh : he is a tough nut to convince to not try his hand at acting. His self-belief is at an all-time high and whatever the naysayers might have to say, he goes about doing what he wants to do.

ZORAWAR is his next attempt to entertain the masses after ‘ Main Tera 22 Tu Mera 22 and few others. Although he had worked on a few emotions in this film, he goes back to his ‘deadpan look’, sideways glance and stiff eyes with no show of emotions, as he did in his first film.

But you have to hand it to the singer/songwriter/music director/actor-
Honey Singh is playing a agent in special forces. Who has a mother only, on the name of family. One day his mother told him that his father left them and never came back and she found that he and his family been killed in a gang war. But Zorawar believes that his father is still alive. He said her mother that he is going to find his father and went to south Africa. Here he met a police inspector ( Pawan Malhotra) who tells him that his father been killed by a man who is a gangster.

That police inspector ask him to kill that gangster and promise to help him in that. Zorawar become a part of that gang and try to find the way to kill that person. But he don’t know that person is his real father…. Did zorawar find out the truth ? Why that police officer wants to kill him ? To find all answers you guys need to head towards theaters near you.

The idea of the story was quite good but screenplay was not up to the mark. That makes the film so weak. There are so many scenes in the film which are unnecessary for the story also some scenes makes no sense. Including honey Singh’s instruction scene which looks really fake. Bringing in some bright moments into the script are Pawan Malhotra as Police officer and Mukul Dev as Gangster and honey Singh’s father. Both are the soul of the film.

The songs, and the sound are familiar, yet have that ‘distinct something’ that make it soothing to the ears. The signature tune by Honey Singh is something that will stay forever. The film belongs to Honey Singh and Mukul Dev. Besides the acting of Mukul Dev and Pawan Malhotra , the screenplay and presentation was weak. If you love the Honey Singh’s brand of music, good action with a decent plot that engages you till the end, ‘Zorawar’ is not a bad option this week. We’ll see you guys at next release until then good bye and have fun.. 



Post Author: Uttam