‘Yaara Ve ’ to take us to the world of true friendship on 19th April now

The film stars Yuvraj Hans and Gagan Kokri in the lead roles

Chandigarh, 9th January 2019. (Punjabi Teshan) There are very few Punjabi directors who have always tried to experiment with concepts and stories. Even few are those who have dared to step into period drama genres because of the sheer research it takes to replicate those times. One director who has always brought about the films that are coming-of-the-age and experimental is, Rakesh
Mehta. And now he is set to take us back in the times of India-Pakistan partition with a tale of undying friendship and sacred love in his upcoming project Yaara Ve .

Yaara Ve yuvraj Hans gagan kokri
Yaara Ve Yuvraj Hans Gagan kokri

This film is based on some true incidents and stories. This period film stars Yuvraj Hans, Gagan Kokri and Monica Gill in the leading roles. Other stellar star cast includes veteran actors like Yograj Singh, Sardar Sohi, Nirmal Rishi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Malkit Rauni, Seema Kaushal, BN Sharma, Raghvir Boli, Gurpreet Kaur Bhangu and Rana Jung Bahadur. It is written by Rupinder Inderji and is being produced by Bally Singh Kakar. The film will hit the theaters on 19 th April this year. Talking about the film, director Rakesh Mehta said, “Quite evident from the title, Yaara Ve is a film about friendships that start in the innocent years and stay true and sacred throughout the
life. It also showcases the loving bonds and relationships we form on our way.

The movie has the perfect blend of emotions, drama, romance and comedy and it is set in the times when both India and Pakistan were bearing the brunt of partition. Initially, the film will release it on 19 th April. When you are about to show a film that revolves around friendships that too set in some other time, you have got to stay authentic in sketching that era so people can connect to it. I am sure Yaara Ve will live up to the expectations of the audiences and they will join us in the theaters in April.” Sharing his thoughts on the same, Bally Singh Kakar, the producer of the film told, “This film has a very captivating story that will be relevant to everybody. Rakesh (Mehta) Ji is a director par excellence, there’s no doubt about it. While making, he always emphasized that he wanted to serve a perfect film to the audience.

He was always very particular to bring out the conflicting emotions people went through during partition. So many lives lost, so many ties broken, Yaara Ve may be set in past but it promises to stay evergreen. I really think this wait till 19 th April will be worth it and people will shower their love on Yaara Ve.”
So mark the date on your calendars because this team is set to entertain you this April in your nearest theaters.