With Hilarious Chaos Unleashed watch the Rib-Tickling Trailer of CARRY ON JATTA 3 launched by Amir Khan in Mumbai Today

Mohali : 30th May 2023 (Punjabi Teshan) The posters, motion posters, teaser and songs have created a higher degree of buzz in every Punjabis’ hearts round the globe, now Carry On Jatta 3 makers have beguiled them with the trailer of the forthcoming film. Yes, a month has been left for the release of the threequel and before that the makers have finally dropped the trailer to enchant the audience.

Like always, the trailer of Carry On Jatta 3 has lightened the standards of the film to entertain the fans with its rib-tickling humor and engaging storyline. Fans are amazed with the trailer and the dialogue delivery of every artist is just out of the box. Moreover, one of the series’ high points has been the chemistry between Gippy and Sonam, and their inclusion of fantasies and romance in this forthcoming movie as it promises to bring even more humor and amusement.

If digging more into the trailer, it has shown the love affair of Gippy and Sonam who want to marry each other and indulge into a lot of drama and lies to marry her after their families do not agree leaving the audiences in suspense with its incredible storyline. The comic timing and hilarious dialogues in the trailer are the best part which will surely take you to the cinemas on 29 June 2023.

Coming to the credits of Carry On Jatta 3, it has been directed by Smeep King, a king of comedy films, and written by Naresh Kathooria. Apart from Gippy Grewal and Sonam Bajwa, the film also boasts a strong supporting cast, including Gurpreet Ghuggi and Binnu Dhillon, who have played climacteric parts in the last two films. Their return to the franchise will undoubtedly bring more humor and charm.



Post Author: Simarpreet Kaur