Watch Bhagwant Mann as milk vendor and a politician on 11th December 2015

The joint venture of  DEC productions and Omkara productions Pvt. Ltd ’22G Tussi Ghaint Ho’ is going to release on 11th of December. The movie is directed by Vishal Parashar..22G-tussi Ghaint- ho

In the project Bhagwant Mann is coming to entertain you with Rupal Bal and Jus Reign who is well known for his YouTube videos. Apart from that there you will also see Upasna Singh, Pooja Verma, Rana Jung Bahadar, Tej Sapru,Ravinder Mand and Raghveer Boli in that film.

Plot: The Story is about a small town milk vendor (Bhagwant Mann) and he is in love with the daughter of existing MLA (Tej Sapru). To match the status of their family Bhagwant Mann’s brother (Rupan) forces him to take a part in elections. From The day he files nominations for the elections, his life takes so many turns and twists.. So what happen after to know that you need to wait until 11th of December when the movie will be in theaters.



Post Author: PT News