Valaiti Janter – New Punjabi Movie Coming !! Gurnam Bhullar

Pollywood is actually on its peak. 2018 is a year full of punjabi movies where new movies announced and every week there is a new movie to release. Production houses are taking iniatiatives and bringing up new subjects and concepts. There is another movie announced and also began with its shooting.

Title of the movie is ‘Valaiti Janter’ starring Gurnam Bhullar and Aman Sandhu. This movie will be directed by Ranjeet Bal and the producer of the movie is Naresh Singla. Its under Naresh Singla Productions. Valaiti Janter sounds a very interesting title and the meaning of the word Janter is Instrument. Ohhh !! It is increasing the curiousity to watch the movie. Poster and first look of the movie is still awaited.

Valaiti Janter has started the first phase. It has began the with the shooting. Gurnam Bhullar have signed another movies also but this is his first movie which is began. Audience is waiting to watch him on screen because his songs like Diamond and recent released Udhaar Chalda are a big hit. Hope his acting will also be loved by the audience.

Valaiti Jantar Gurnam Bhullar Punjabi Movie
Valaiti Jantar Gurnam Bhullar Punjabi Movie



Post Author: PT News