This technology will offer unbiased content to global viewers

In 90’s, when cable TV revolutionized the Indian TV channel landscape, apart from Hindi, Punjabi was the only other language which had maximum number of channels, but today thanks to the monopoly of MSO’s, Punjabi is left with just a hand full of channels.

To end this monopoly of MSO’s and cable networks (directly and indirectly) controlled by political parties,

In spite of the fact that Punjabi content which has a universal appeal, is not getting its due share on various premium services and unlike Tamil and Telugu content, is still living under the shadow Bollywood,

We are coming up with a Digital Carrier Company focusing on Punjabis living across the globe, which will have a worldwide reach, far beyond national boundaries. It will distribute not only Live TV channels but also apps serving VoD content. It is being conceived as the one stop shop for Punjabi content. It will serve content like

  1. Live TV channels
  2. Internet Radio
  3. Full length movies
  4. Music Videos
  5. News
  6. Short Films
  7. Web series

USP for consumers

  1. First and foremost Focus on Punjabi Sabhyachaar (traditions and customs)
  2. Curated content
  3. User Friendly Interface
  4. TV everywhere
  5. Can pay through various modes
    1. Credit card
    2. Mobile wallet
    3. Mobile Balance for users not having access to net-banking

USP for content providers

  1. Unbiased representation of the content
  2. Transparent and Live Reporting
  3. Significant increase in TAM
  4. Alternative Revenue Stream
  5. Better analytics which will help them promote their content in a better way

For execution, our company will offer IP Set up boxes to our customers, the look and feel of which, after installation, will be similar to normal cable boxes and the users will not feel alien to the TV viewing experience.

Our motive is to give maximum reach to Punjabi content so that the content providers, artists and all those involved in this industry get their due share of recognition as well as business.

The IP box buyer will have free access to our app through which the user can view desired content (TV channels, Radio, Music) anytime, anywhere.  Content providers will no longer have to fear any political party for showcasing news and content that is true and fair.

We would like to appeal to all TV channels, Music Labels and Production houses focusing on Punjabi content to come onboard with us and be a part of this service which serves the need of audience as well as content providers alike.

About Modern Streaming Solutions Pvt Ltd

It’s a pure technology based company, which provides solution to content companies to stream their content directly to their customers. Having been in this business has given us lot of insight into content business and requirements of content companies and users alike.