This is how you can shoot videos in lockdown without permission ..!

Punjabi Teshan (Mohali) 18 may 2021: Across the country where lockdowns are being imposed due to the Corona Call, the pace of Punjabi music and film industry has also slowed down, with restrictions imposed by the government on the shooting of films and songs adding to the difficulties. But the flaw has been found, it was discovered by the multi-talented video director and editor ‘Babbu Rogla’ and named ‘Video with VFX’. Babbu Rogla has already directed and edited videos of well known artists like Karan Aujla, R. Net, Tarsem Jassar and Masha Ali etc. which have been much appreciated by the audience. Now again the song directed by Babbu Rogla 24 \ 7 which is sung by ‘Pavi Virk’ is in discussion and in discussion with this song also used between FX.
What is VFX?

Babbu Rogla VFX
Babbu Rogla VFX

Visual effects (VFX) are used to describe the ability to shuffle or enlarge images between videos made for a movie or something that doesn’t happen during live-action shooting. Doing things in realty while shooting can be risky or out of reach which can be made possible through VFX. It uses computer generated images (CGI), and specialized VFX software. VFX producers interact with directors and filmmakers to determine which scenes they will have to shoot with the green screen.

Visual effects are different from special effects because the visual effects require a computer and are added after shooting. Special effects, or felt on SFX sets such as purposeful and controlled explosions, fake gun shells, etc.
“With this technology, the entire video of any song can now be completed and released in VFX color,” said Babbu Rogla. Many famous artists like Masha Ali, Harbhajan Mann etc. have not only praised Babbu Rogla’s VFX but have also inspired him to make more videos like this.