The Team Of Punjabi Movie “Toofan Singh” Blaming Sensor Board For Many Reasons

Punjabi Teshan (31 Aug,2016) – Team of Punjabi movie “Toofan Singh” asked so many questions in the press conference from sensor board.The team of the film put another blame on sensor board that sensor board does not have any confidential proof against the movie,and still they are not releasing any certificate.. presenting members on that moment were including Jarnail Singh, Baghail Singh,and the hero of the movie Ranjit Bawa, Yashpal Sharma,Sardar Sohi and actress Sunita Dheer.

The Director of the movie said that this movie is based on the life of Jugraz Singh urf Toofan Singh and there is no such things that needed to be ban. under the banner of royal sine arts this movie is presented by Dilbag Singh . Here he mentions that bhai Jugraj Singh was that brave man who always fought for the society against odds.

That movie doesn’t hurt the feelings of people and doesn’t hurt any religion. but sensor board doesn’t think the same way and not releasing the certificate. team of film said they had been informed that the movie is seen by five members of sensor board, out of these 5 members three of the member didn’t allow to issue a certificate they been told that show this movie will be seen by senior members of their committee and the chairman. even after that chairman didn’t took any decision about issuing the certificate and just ignored it.

After all that they sent this movie to the committee of tribunal and till now they didn’t took any decision. Here ,hero of the movie

Ranjit Bawa said that he did a lot of hard work for this movie and there is nothing wrong in this film which hurt the feelings of anyone or not even against any religion. so according to them sensor should release the certificate and he also mentioned that let the people watch the film and decide .

Bollywood actor Yashpal Sharma also feel sad because of this decision of sensor baord. He says that this kind of decisions of sensor board are restricting people to make Reality. Sardar Sohi also says that its not good for the artists and the art.the whole team of the film said that if they are not releasing a certificate then than we are ready for any kind of fight.



Post Author: Jasdeep Singh Rattan