The Movie Mining- Reyte te Kabzaa is based on the business of the sand mafia of Punjab, highlighting the problem of illegal mining.

Singga, Ranjha Vikram singh
Singga, Ranjha Vikram singh

Chandigarh, 14th March 2023 (Punjabi Teshan)This film is under the flagship of Running Horses films and Global Titans ft. Singga, Ranjha Vikram singh, Sara Gurpal, Sweetaj Brar, and Pradeep Rawat.

This movie is something different and more realistic content. It is different from those stereotypical movies of romance revolving around the love story of a boy and a girl. The central idea of the movie focuses on the problem of the sand mafia in the state of Punjab.

It breaks the common trend of comedy Punjabi movies and is a totally different action genre about a current issue that is practiced in many states of India. It distinguishes itself from other movies in Punjab through its concept. A concept like this has not been picked till now and focuses on the latest subject that remains in limelight.

The movie is scheduled to be released in the cinemas on 28th April 2023 in 4 different languages Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.