The first schedule of 32 days of action-packed Punjabi movie “Ziddi Jatt” has been completed

What29 March 2022 (Punjabi Teshan)The movie has leading Star Cast Singga, Ranjha Vikram Singh, Sweetaj Brar, Sara Gurpal, and Many more.

All the star cast were so excited to be part of this film with a great Technical team from South India.

The movie director Simranjit Singh Hundal said that through this movie Punjabi audience will see the scenario of “SAND MAFIA” in Punjab.

The movie producer Ricky Singh Bedi & Vikram Singh said that Punjab is facing this “Sand Mafia” issue for a long time, And now we try portraying this issue on the silver screen.

Nowadays we have seen that the tendency of Punjabi cinema diverted to the Action genre. According to the setup of the “Ziddi Jatt” movie, we can say that this movie will definitely mark its presence among the youth.

Also, this will be the first Punjabi Movie to be released on Grand Scale in Hindi Dubbing format in Cinemas all over India.

Ziddi jatt Shooting
Ziddi jatt Shooting