Super Singh Movie Review | Diljit Dosanjh | Sonam Bajwa

PT Rating ***3.5/5

The film director Anurag Singh is a good director. he has a good story choosing talent. He has a good record of his successful films. He is presently present with the name “Super Singh” The story of the film is super good in its name. Sajjan Singh, Sam (Diljit Dosanjh) is looking for marry Gori Mem But she does not like Sardar in the usual way. His childhood friend Sonam Bajwa loves him But for Sam, he is just his good friend. The story goes on and Sam gets some super powers.

The iron that gets stronger starts flying in the air It starts protecting people from dangers. Suddenly he realizes that perhaps he is not the true dispatcher of these powers, he comes to Punjab to return these powers. He comes punjab and finds out that in order to stop the oppression of the people, for the welfare of the people, he needs these powers to disperse the people. At the end of the film, he really emerges as Super Singh. Character: Let’s talk about the characters of the movie Diljit first, who played with his role of mockery, would be pleased to be a man of any age by playing such a laugh. The number of Sonam Bajwa is also done in Punjabi’s successful artists, also did the good work. Pawan Malhotra also appeared in the role of a new hypocritical Baba. There is a lot of issues in the film, such as “the disgrace of turban”, the boys go out and take out the hairs. Thinking about the people of the outsiders.

Growing camp, hypocritical sadhus, bullying etc. The film’s author and director were trying hard to present these issues in a clear way and they managed to do so. Music: Anurag Singh and Jatinder Shah have always been successful. This time too all the hits of the movie are hit The songs of Ranbir Singh and Vit Baljeet were presented in an innovative way Super Singh movie has been created by keeping in mind each viewer category You will see two-and-a-half-hour film playing laugh.  [ YoAm]



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