Sultan jumped into the J Hind vs. Karan Aujla argument!

Chandigarh 28 May (Punjabi Teshan)Karan Aujla and J Hind’s feud is making headlines lately, despite Karan Aujla’s lack of an official statement. Sultan, on the other hand, has recently joined the fray and chastises Bohemia and J Hind for it.

J Hind Karan Aujla Sultan
J Hind Karan Aujla Sultan

Yes, indeed! Yes, a rapper and artist named Sultan joined into the debate and ridiculed Bohemia and J Hind on his own Instagram story. Sultan recently shared a story on Instagram in which he can be seen in the car with his friends, playing Karan Aujla’s song. After that, he shared a picture in which he tagged J Hind and Bohemia, both of whom referred to them as “jokes of the century.”

Moving forward, J Hind blocked Sultan on Instagram, which Sultan screenshotted and uploaded on his account, as well as tagging Bohemia and calling him a gangster with laughing emojis. It is apparent that the Sultan is siding with Karan Aujla and mocking Bohemia and J Hind in this debate.

Bohemia has also remained silent on the matter, and Karan Aujla has yet to make a statement on the matter. So we’ll have to wait and see what Karan Aujla and Bohemia have to say about this dispute, as neither of them has issued an official statement yet…..