Son Of Punjab – Lavi Pajni – Fame – Bahubali 2

A personality which sticks out in a crowd, like a lion who roars loud amongst a pack of wolves, lavi pajni is such a personality. He has discipline which he gained throughout his athletic career, owing to his sport he built his physique for which he is recognized.His monumental height which is 6’8″ and astounding physique landed him up in a music video starring jazzy B. From there he opened the glorious gates to this Tollywood acting career. In The most awaited movie of the year 2017 Bahubali 2, lavi pajni scored a role as the antagonist. In today’s world, our youth has deviated towards the consumption of drugs and alcohol at a young age, we hope our future takes some insipiration from lavi pajni and work hard for their success and lead a healthy and active life. A small town(Amloh) man, has made his town very proud.we should be proud of him.