Simiran Kaur Dhadli, Gaddmi Gayika in the industry, is all Ready to Release her New EP!

Mohali : 16th August, 2022(Punjabi Teshan)One of those female singers who carved out an unifiable niche for herself in the Punjabi industry is Simiran Kaur Dhadli. Simiran not only wrote her own songs but also with a distinctive style that is highly accessible to many independent and intellectual females of Punjab in this profession where the majority of the lyrics are written by men. In her songs like Barood Wargi, Reality Check, Notan Wali Dhauns, and others, she defies many conventional notions of how women should be represented.

So recently, Simiran discussed her upcoming EP in an interview with a web portal. We have previously heard her songs from “Gaddmi Gayika,” and she will shortly release a new EP. The songs will also be “about everything, My Vision, My Lifestyle, My Ancestors, My Upbringing and also, a song incorporates some recently transpired situations and some “can-never-be-proved” kinda allegations,” according to Simiran. On her social media accounts, Simiran also stated that these tracks are “the sickest group of songs she’s created so far.”

So, with this Gaddmi Gayika Simiran Kaur Dhadli, we may anticipate something very special and Gaddma. Simiran has not yet provided a release date for this EP. However, we can wait patiently since Simiran’s songs are worth the wait. So tell us in the comments area how eager you are to hear Gaddmi Gayika’s upcoming EP.