Sargi | Movie Review | Jassie Gill |Babbal Rai |Rubina Bajwa

Director : Neeru Bajwa

Staring: Jassie Gill, Rubina Bajwa, Babbal Rai , Karamjit Anmol, Bn Sharma

Produced By: Ankit Vijan, Navdeep Singh, Prem Parkash Gupta, Neeru Bajwa, Santosh Thite

Written By Jagdeep Sidhu PT Rating – **2.5/5

‘Nothing new but participate able effort ‘ Sargi has nothing new to offer but a nice try by Neeru Bajwa. It is a same old love triangle. it’s a mixture of some already seen stories.we have seen the same stories so many times. Neeru Bajwa putting her steps into the shoes of a director and she has done a good job. We have seen her in front of camera all the time but this time she was behind the camera and I must say she had been fair with her job but she still need to work on some little things like how to carry the characters through out.. overall she was fine in her first attempt..

Plot:- Sargi ( Rubina Bajwa) and Babbu ( Jassie Gill) are childhood friends. Babbu loves Sargi but couldn’t tell her about his feelings.He always keep the things related to her like her photographs. One day Sargi decided to go abroad. Because of her parents are not able to spend that much money. so they decided to arrange her fake marriage with someone who can take her abroad. Here she start doing a job in a coffee shop where she met kaim ( babbal rai) . Babble Rai is a a guy who loves every beautiful girl. On the other hand Babbu also came canada to find Sargi. He found her and start doing a job at the same place. One day kaim proposes sargi for marriage. Did she accepted? Or she get to know about Babbu’s feeling…to know that you have to watch this film.

Performance:- All the actors played their part with efficiency. As a first film Rubina Bajwa was amazing. She looks beautiful and also acted beautifully. Jassie Gill and Babble Rai has done a fine job. Karamjeet Anmol was spot on as always. B.N. Sharma has a small character in which he was okay. Rest of the star cast was fine…

Technically:- As a director Neeru Bajwa was okay but she could deliver much more. She loses her grip on the film couple of times. Because we have seen that kind of stories so many times so that story needed to treated with some freshness but that couldn’t happen..her story telling was good. In some scenes she managed to win audience’s heart. But overall it was a weak script and dialogues. Script was dull so as dialogues.

Music:- Music of the film is quite good but could be much better as it was a love story. As we all knows the music should be amazing if you are making a love story but that wasn’t good enough.

At the end we would like to say it’s a nice family film to watch this weekend if you are planning for a Punjabi film..



Post Author: Uttam