Safraan te’ from Aaja Mexico Chaliye: A song that will touch your soul

Mohali : 16 February 2022 (Punjabi Teshan)The film ‘Aaja Mexico Chaliye’ is a film which will showcase the conditions and emotions of the Punjabis with whom Punjab has a very close and deep relationship – the dream or compulsion to go abroad. Many people choose illegal ways such as ‘Donkey’ to fulfil their dream to reach foreign counties. But this path is not easy at all.

The first song of the thrilling movie titled ‘Safraan Te’ is out now. The song will present the emotions and fear of mothers who could not sleep because they know what their children may suffer by going on this difficult and dangerous road. Many died, some starved to death, some were killed by wild animals, and many were caught by the police. The family is more frightened by what these youngsters have to endure. The mother’s life continues to dry up until the news of her child’s successful entry arrives. All these emotions that we can’t express verbally, become a little easier to express through songs.

Ammy Virk will be seen playing the role of ‘Pamma’, a young man from Punjab who wants to go abroad. But crossing the border is not as easy as he thinks, what kind of difficulties ‘Pamma’ has to face and how he gets stuck in the jungles of Mexico, you will see in the film.

While giving his magical voice to the song, the lyrics of the song ‘Safraan te’ are also given by ‘Bir Singh’. The song is composed by Bhai Manna Singh, Mix Mastered by Sunny Seven and Co programmed by Rishabh Sharma.

Written and directed by Rakesh Dhawan, Aaja Mexico Chaliye is produced by Ammy Virk, Gurpreet Singh Prince, and Daljit Singh Thind. The film is being released worldwide on February 25 by Ammy Virk Productions and Thind Motion Films.