Review Sardaarji2 Punjabi Movie – Diljit Dosanjh – Sonam Bajwa – Monica Gill

Directed by :Rohit Jugraj
Produced by:Manmord Sidhu
Gunbir Singh Sidhu
Screenplay by:Dheeraj Rattan
Story by:Dheeraj Rattan
Starring: Diljit Dosanjh,Sonam Bajwa, Monica Gill, Jaswinder Bhalla ,Yashpal Sharma
Music by:Jatinder Shah /Nick Dhammu
Cinematography:Sandip Patil
Edited by:Sandeep Francis /Samar Singh

Production company – White Hill Production

Jaggi (Diljit Dosanjh) is a simple farmer who also won a prize for safal kisan ,lives a simple life in a village. One day he found his village is in a trouble, to save his village he need a lot of money. Then he decided to go Australia to earn that money. But unfortunately because of his anger management he couldn’t earn enough money. Now he only got a week’s time to collect that money and save his village. Here he met sohni (Monika Gill) who also has a anger management problem. accidentally he also kidnapped diljot ( sonam Bajwa) from her marriage.
There is a Teja ( yaspal Sharma) who is a don, thinks Jaggi took his money from his house , which is been stolen earlier by someone.
Did Jaggi really took his money? What happen with those two girls ? Did Jaggi saved his village or not ? To find the answers of all these questions you need to go to theaters and find out..

There are enough comic situations to justify that this is a comedy. There are also some touchy moments in the film.In the end, it’s more a masala flick than a comedy.
Thanks to Diljit, this film becomes bearable and there are moments he has you in his grasp, either with his performance or simply by his sheer presence. Monica Gill and Sonam Bajwa both looks pretty as usual and they have done a fine job. However, I get a feeling that Monica Gill done a great job and same with Sonam ,she has a small role but done a great job too.

Yaspal Sharma looks great as a Teja. He played a funny Don who has a neck problem. Jaswinder Bhalla was great as always. In a character of funny Muslim don he also looks good.

The film swings like a pendulum; at one moment, it takes off and at another, it just drops. There were a problem of continuity as well.

The story and the screenplay was fantastic.
Music is already on the chart buster.
The cinematography of the film was also quite nice. Overall Director Rohit Jugraj has done a fantastic job.

At the end we would like to say it’s a another great performance by Diljit and team. It’s a good choice to spend your weekend guys so don’t wait just go and watch SardaarJi 2….
W’ll see you guys with next release until then have fun



Post Author: Uttam