Review Kaptaan Punjabi Movie – Gippy Grewal

“Kaptaan has heart in right place and funny bone too”

Directed by: Mandeep Kumar
Produced by:Tips Industries Limited
Written by: Dheeraj Rattan
Starring: Gippy Grewal,
Monica Gill
Karishma Kotak,
Pankaj Dheer
Kanwaljit Singh
Music by:Jaidev Kumar
DJ Flow,B Praak
Cinematography:Anshul Chobey
Edited by: Manish More

Production company:
Tips Industries Limited

Review –
Rating 3.5/54

Kaptaan opens with a train accident and a man found dead. But a year later that man came back from out of nowhere. Everyone is thinking he was dead but he is alive and want justice.
When he came back his relatives denied to recognise him and also sell his land to a famous builder. Now he has to file a case against a very famous lawyer of the city and to fight that case he found kaptaan Singh Grewal who is ready to fight for him.

Sounds like a dully predictable tale of good-versus-evil? Certainly there’s no doubt that kaptaan is a film with its heart in the right place. But director Mandeep Kumar manages to leaven his conscience-laden tale with a healthy dose of laughter. it’s a charming but somewhat fairy-tale-ish film that is also about honesty.

Kapaan Singh Grewal (Gippy Grewal) is a decent-enough guy, He wants to be somebody. In fact, he wants to be a very famous lawyer one day. With the help of his friend he came across a guy who wants justice who wants his identity back.

The rest of the film is about how a novice like kaptaan meets the multiple challenges thrown his way by a riled advocate Dhillon : challenges not just of the head, but also of the heart. What makes kaptaan more than a standard-issue David vs Goliath story is that it understands the difficulties of retaining a moral compass in a world which seems to reward cleverness, not honesty. For the small-time lawyer whose ‘desk’ is a rickety table outside the District Court (with one small umbrella on the top), the stakes are low and the temptations great. Is it surprising that such a man should measure even his own defeats by degrees of nuksaan and faayda?

Gippy and Pankaj dheer , the consummate performers they are, Gippy Grewal has done a great job. In that particular movie he looks great.
Monika Gill and karishma kotak looks beautiful on the screen. They have done a fair job to their characters.
The guy who played gippy’s assistant was amazing and the guy who played a character who’s case is kaptaan fighting he was wonderful. His expression were right on spot.

As a director Mandeep Kumar was brilliant. His presentation was quite Good. The scenes and sequences were wonderfully made.
As a writer Dheeraj Rattan also has done a fantastic job.
The way he writes a story is great. No doubt he is one of the great writer of the industry.
Music is also on chartbusters.
The film has some fantastic songs which are on youngsters lips already.

At the end I would like to say,
There is pleasure watching a underdog win. It could be nice family time this weekend if you are planning to watching kaptaan. So that’s it from our end we will see you guys next time until then have fun and stay happy.. Cya