Punjabi culture should be the bedrock of our films: Binnu Dhillon

“If Hollywood can make films on insects and make big money, why can’t we make films on Punjabi culture?” asked actor Binnu Dhillon. It made for his reply when he was asked to tell about one thing that the Punjabi film industry needed to focus on and promote.

Elaborating on his point, the actor said, “Punjabi culture is very strong and we have thousand of stories, which can be turned into films to keep our generations rooted in the culture. Hollywood is minting money by making films on insects and robots. There is a huge audience for Punjabi films as well. But we need to offer them quality content.”The actor was in the city to promote his next film, ‘Dulla Bhatti’, in which the actor will be seen in the lead role.“While the folk tale on ‘Dulla Bhatti’ dates back to the Akbar era, the film is set in erstwhile Punjab and the lead character takes up social causes and fights for them. The aim of the film is to tell the present generation about the real ‘Dulla Bhatti’, who is now remembered only through a song sung during Lohri celebrations,” he said.

Dulla Bhatti prmotions Sharing his happiness over playing a historic character, Dhillon said, “While I started off as a villain in the industry, I moved on to do comic roles and the image just stuck on. I was worried about the reaction of the audience when I did ‘Channo Kamli Yaar Di’. But the response that my role got gave me the strength to do different roles. I believe in giving myself up completely to the director and do what he wants me to.”Appreciating the fact that certain Punjabi films do better business than top grade Bollywood films, the actor said, “Bollywod films run on the shoulders of its lead actors. The audience goes to watch the actors and talks about the story later. On the contrary, Punjabi films are now running on the shoulders of their stories and content, which is an achievement.”While the film has been directed by Minar Malhotra and produced by Mani Dhaliwal, Naman Gupta, Amitansh and Shakti Manchanda.It also stars Sardar Sohi, Dev Kharoud, Amar Noori, Aman Hundal, BN Sharma, Nirmal Rishi and Malkit Rauni.

Veteran actor Sardar Sohi, who plays the negative character of Jagir Singh in the film, said, “It is a story, which the rural folk can easily connect with. I had long meetings with Minar Malhotra when I was writing the dialogues as I had to understand the characters deeply.”

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Post Author: Jasdeep Singh Rattan