“PAND” Burden of Farmer for Farming

Pand Punjabi Short Movie
Pand Punjabi Short Movie

Pand is bundle of responsibilities which have to take by every human being in their life.Either the Pand is of joy or sorrow.It is hard to lift up the sack of happiness but it is really very difficult to lift up the sack of sorrow all alone,especially when the Pand is of loan.yes,we are talking about the huge amount of burden which is straining the farmer of Punjab. There is no one who shows their interest to lift down the burden and provide assist to farmers and unfortunately as fast as the credit is going upward day by day, the farmers feel more strain and they commit suside forcefully.”Pand” movie demonstrates the truth of our society, like if the son of the farmer take forward step with his father to reduse the burden of mortgage then in very short time the farmers will get free from their credits.Most of the times the children belong to middles class families start demanding for needless things because they influenced by counterfeit companion and violence songs.They never ever realized the pain of loan taken by their father, due to this “kisan” have to feel helpless physically as well as he deeply broken inside mentaly. But if the children of farmer contribute themselves to shorten the sack of loan with their parents then definitely every farmer can spend their life in joyful manner.

The movie “pand” has extremely impressive title.we will easily see such kind of situations in every village and home. Lack of knowledge,education and government policies make them depends only on farming.
co-operative bank try to provide sufficient knowledge of farming their rights and knowledge of government policies for “kisan” in this movie to diminish the loan from farmers.



Post Author: Priyanka Sharma