‘Ohi Munde’ Teaser From Parmish Verma’s Upcoming Song Has Been Released !

Chandigarh, 30th July 2023 (Punjabi Teshan )Through his social media accounts, Parmish Verma has released the preview for his forthcoming single. ‘Ohi Munde’ is the name of the song, and it is based on actual events that actually occurred in Parmish’s life. This song will highlight Parmish Verma’s effort to achieve this level, as the teaser suggests.

While sharing the teaser of ‘Ohi Munde’ Parmish penned in the caption “si Supne Star an Wale, Waiter si Bar an Wale… Sanu Gaur Naal Dekh Aseen Ohi Munde Aan #3Aug”. You can also have a look on the teaser by clicking on the link given below:-

‘Aam Jehe Munde 2’ is another name for this song. Regarding the credits, Laadi Chahal wrote the lyrics to “Ohi Munde.” The song’s melody was also composed by Starboy. ‘Ohi Munde’ will therefore be made available on his YouTube Channel under the auspices of Parmish Verma.

Let us inform you that this song will be released on August 3, 2023. Tell us how eager you are to watch this song in the comment box. Follow Punjabi Teshan for more updates…….