Needhi Singh | Movie Review | Kulraj Randhawa

Directed by:Jaivi Dhanda
Produced by:Inder Bhandaal,Sumeet Singh
Written by:Jaivi Dhanda
Screenplay by:Jaivi Dhanda,Gaurav Bhalla
Starring: Kulraj Randhawa,Aman Sutdhar
Music by:Gurnazar,Kuwar Virk
Edited by:Mukesh Thakur

Punjabi Teshan rating 2.5/5

Niddhi Singh is an average film that you can watch one time. There is nothing new in the story of the film. It’s a typical normal man fight against the politicians and system but instead of a guy here is a woman who is fighting the odd. There are some technical issues with the picturisation as well like the entire film had been made in a village so there will be no good locations which was fine according to the story. The cinematography was average too. Gurdas Mann was a surprise element as a police officer but he also couldn’t lift it up also Subhreet’s character has not defined. The story telling was okay but could be better .

Story plot: Needhi Singh is a charming, naughty and a good girl of a small village. Everyone loves her. She also loves everybody. Apart from her family she has a really good friend. In fact Needhi likes her so much and loves her like a sister. One day that girl got raped. When Needhi got to know she decided to fight against all of them.. well that’s what the basic story is.

What happen after ? To know that you guys need to go to theaters..

Performances: kulraj Randhawa played her character very effectively. She was good. In some scenes she looks like doing over acting but overall she was okay.
The guy who played police officer need to work on his acting skills. The guy who played villain was fine. Rest of the starcast was okay as well.

Gurdas Mann has a short role in the story,he played a police officer but he looks like a Gurdas Mann instead of a police officer.

Story and dialogues: There is nothing new in the story. It’s a same story that you heard thousands of time but with the different characters..also the dialogues were not as heavy as they should be according to the story.

Technicality issues: Film has some issues like cinematography and storytelling,they could be much better …

Music: music was fine and related to the story. Some of the songs are really nice.

Finally we would like to say it’s a one time guys can go and watch kulraj Randhawa in a different shade…we will see you guys next time until then have fun and stay happy…



Post Author: Uttam