Navraj Hans and wife Ajit inaugurates their new jewelry brand “MOGRA”

Punjabi Teshan : Mohali, June 19, 2021: Since lockdown has been a major concern for the working class of India. As many as lakhs of people lost their families and jobs. At this point, some hopes of positivity with some good news always put a smile on. Singer and actor Navraj Hans and his wife Ajit planned to do something different on Ajit’s birthday by launching their new venture of the jewelry brand named “MOGRA”. Before detailing the brand, the best thing one may notice in this new venture will be women’s upliftment by giving a great opportunity for women to work. Also, the brand will feature the latest designed artificial jewelry which moves according to the trend.

jewelry brand “MOGRA”
jewelry brand “MOGRA”

During media interaction, Navraj Hans said, “We have been always planning to do something different. Also, a husband and wife should always think of a business together for each other’s growth. MOGRA is not only a business venture, but it’s a beginning of a new family where we are inviting all the women to work in the safest and comfortable environment. Although I don’t know much about women’s jewelry I can promise you the best quality of fashion”.

Ajit continued, “I always believe that women are no less than any men in the society, they are equally strong and mentally mature to handle things. Therefore, a piece of jewelry is a thing that enhances the beauty of women, and providing the best of it is what MOGRA believes. So you all are always welcome to try the best of fashion and gift your loved ones with the same.”

Navraj Hans added that MOGRA is currently dealing with artificial jewelry but soon will launch real too. Also, we are planning to add more franchises once we get hold of the market. Love and Regards.