Myself Pendu Movie Review : Punjabi Movie

Directed By : Surinder Rihal

Producer: Music Box Media Entertainment Co.

Starring : Preet Harpal, Sayali Bhagat, Ather Habib, Satinder Satti, Surinder Rihal & Upasna Singh.

PunjabiTeshan Ratting : 2/5 

The worst possible scenario for a comedy is one that doesn’t tackle the funny bone. One struggle to find real humorous moments. Myself Pendu fails to do either well. It has no story with disgusting dialogues and over acting by most of the artists.

Plot: This is a story of two brothers preet and harpal played by preet harpal and Ather Habib. they belongs to a middle class village family. Their mother(upasna Singh) always supports them for whatever rubbish they do. Their father(jaswinder Bhalla) always try to teach them the reality of life but they never listen to him.they keep on making schemes which can make them rich. To fulfill their dreams they find two rich girls(sayali bhagat,satinder Satti) and convince them to marry. Later they found the girls are not rich and they changed their mind. One day they found that their is one criminal who looks like their father and if they catch him they can get a big amount in a price. So they made a new plan……so what was the plan and what happen after? To watch that you must go to theaters ..

Performances: over all it was a package of over acting. Preet Harpal still needs to work on his acting skills. Ather Habib was okay but couldn’t show his skills. Jaswinder Bhalla was looking like a same old thing but in new package.. Sayali bhagat was looks good on screen but acting was not up mark. After a long time Satinder Satti was seen in any movie but she looks old on screen and outdated. The biggest disappoint was Upasna Singh who failed to do a mother’s character, in her every scene she looks like a ‘Bhua’ from comedy nights rather than a mother.

Technicality: Director Surinder Rihal failed to deliver this time. The concept was okay but the way story and dialogues were written was not good enough. Film’s cinematography was of low standard..Good intent doesn’t translate into a good movie.

Music: the music of the film was okay but could be far better. Overall Sham-Balkar and Nick Dhammu try to present some good tracks but in a film they been spoiled.

At the end we would like to say at this week ‘Myself Pendu’ have to face a Bollywood’s much awaited ‘welcome Back’ which is definitely going to harm this Punjabi movie…so the choice is yours …best of luck



Post Author: Uttam