‘Munde Southall Da’ Trailer, Starring Armaan Bedil and Tanu Grewal Released Lately !

16th July, 2023:(Punjabi Teshan) The Munda Southall Da movie trailer has been made available on Pink Pony Films’ official YouTube channel. Armaan Bedil will be seen for the first time on a large screen in this film, which marks his acting debut. Tanu Grewal and Armaan Bedil, a new on-screen coupling, will appear together in this film. Check out the trailer as well by clicking here:

The movie tells the love tale of two young people who fell in love while living abroad, as this trailer makes clear. However, because of the circumstances, they split up. A ‘Raavi’, a tomboy-like girl, matures tremendously, and a Arjan, a mischievous teenage male, also falls prey to events. The suspense of what occurs next is still being told in movie theatres.

Speaking of the credits, renowned music video filmmaker Sukh Sanghera is the director of this film. Sukh Sanghera wrote the movie’s script as well. Mandeep Hundal is the financier of “Munda Southall Da.”

‘Munda Southall Da’ will therefore be launched on August 4th, 2023, under the auspices of Film Magic and Pink Pony Films. Please share your excitement about seeing this film in theatres in the comments section, as well as any thoughts you may have regarding the trailer. Stay connected to Punjabi Teshan for more information…………….