Movie Review Qissa Panjab : Jatinder Mauhar

Some good performances ruined by bad presentation

This week’s release is Qissa Panjab based on a drug addiction. Film has many technical issues to talk about. The concept was good but the technical team’s work was not good enough to present that society evil.

Punjabi Teshan Rating : 2.5/5

Pukhraj Production
A film by Annu Bains
Directed by : Jatinder Mauhar
Music by:  Gurmoh
Screenplay & Dialogue by Uday Pratap Singh
Starring – Preet Bhullar, Kul Sidhu, Dheeraj Kumar, Jagjit Sandhu, Aman Dhaliwal, Harshjot Kaur.

Plot: it’s a combination of so many different stories combined in a one story. The main characters of the movie preet bhullar ,Kul Sidhu, Dheeraj Kumar, jagjit Sandhu and others have their own issues with life ,they are struggling to survive.. Some how they choose drug to survive and after that what changes comes to their life to find out you need to go cinema’s..

Performances: That’s the only and best part of the movie. All the theater artists looks good. Especially jagjit Sandhu who played speed. That’s his second best performance after Rupinder Gandhi. Preet bhullar,Dheeraj kumar and kul sidhu were fine. Aman Dhalliwal and Harjot Kaur been amazing. They looks fantastic and well in characters. All of the other artists were also good. It’s nice to see that the theater artists getting work in the industry. They well deserve it.

Technicality: well technically is the biggest issue of the film. Locations been used in the movie were not up to mark. The scene selection were poor. The way director present the story was awful. It looks like he couldn’t even understand what he wanna present. In some scenes you can hear whispering behind the scene. The lighting been used for camera could be better. The camera work also was not up to standard.

Music: the music of the film is quite okay and well fitted in the story. Couple of songs were Amazing.

Writing: The concept of the story was great but the writer failed to present the story on a script level. Script and dialogues were poor. Situations been uses in a story could be far better. Overall it was not a story of a feature film.
At the end we would like to say that it’s an average film. If you want to see the good work of theater artists then you can watch it but if you are looking for a complete feature film then its not.

That’s it for today guys.. We will see you next week with another Punjabi movie’s review. Until then good bye and stay happy…..cya



Post Author: Uttam