Movie Review : Munde Kamaal De

Great fun, outstanding performances and beautifully made..,.

Punjabi Teshan Ratting : 3.5/5

Star cast: Amrinder Gill,Yuvraj Hans, Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, B.N.Sharma, karamjeet Anmol, Mandy Takhar, Prabhjeet Kaur, Sufi Gulati, Avtar Gill, Vijay Tandon, Raghveer Boli, Jatinder Kaur
Produced by: Prem Parkash Gupta
Directed by: Amit Prasher
Writer: Naresh Kathuria
Music: Farzan Faaiz

After the success of ‘Angrej’. You will agian see the magic of Amrinder Gill And Binnu Dhillon.. The locations had been used in the movie were simply beautiful. Everything in the movie like story,dialogues, performances, direction were Amazing.

Plot: The movie is about three friends which are blind deaf and dumb. Two NRI girls fall in love with two local boys ( Amrinder Gill and Yuvraj Hans)who are deaf and dumb, but afraid to tell their dad. Their dad (jaswinder bhalla)who lives in Malaysia wants well settled and rich boys for his daughters.. One day Jaswinder bhalla found that the sword he is using for his daily routine work is worth 20 crore Indian rupees. some of the other people are also after that sword and wants to get that sword at any cost.. One the other hand girls father invite the boys to meet him in Malaysia. Here they met their third friend (Binnu Dhillon),who is blind and also in love with a girl who is a sister of Karamjeet Anmol. They are staying in jaswinder bhalla’s house on rent… After these three tom,dick and Harry met, what happen to them ? How they met Jaswinder Bhalla ? What happen to that sword ? Did they get married after or not??? Well for all those questions you need to go to theaters and watch that movie..

Star performances: Amrinder Gill in that movie is simply amazing. Binnu Dhillon is adding another awesome chapter in his journey of Punjabi cinema. Yuvraj Hans has done his part beautifully, in some scenes he looks like he is copying tushar kapoor from golmal but looks good. Jaswinder bhalla,B.N.Sharma and Karamjeet Anmol has played their part with efficiency. All the actress Mandy Takhar,Prabhjeet Kaur,Nisha Gulati hadn’t much to do in the movie but they have done their part very beautifully.. They looks so beautiful on the screen.

Direction: Amit Prasher has done a great job. He is one of the talented directors that we have in Punjabi film industry.. The way he presented the story is simply Amazing.. The locations in Malaysia that he choose for shoot were outstanding.. If you look it from another angel ,the movie is going to generate some income to Malaysian tourism industry as well.

Music: The film’s music is simply beautiful. All the songs are made for a romantic film and well fitted.. The music director Farzan faaiz made the music with soul,which you can feel by listings the songs..all over the music is just amazing.

The last word: I would advise to all the viewers that you should go and watch that movie. It will be a fun on this weekend. And if you are Binnu Dhillon or Amrinder Gill fan than you shouldn’t miss this movie.



Post Author: Uttam