Movie Review Bambukat – Ammy Virk – Binnu Dhillon – Simi Chahal – Sheetal Thakur

‘ A touching tale of love and self-respect ‘

Punjbai Teshan Rating 3.5/5

Directed by:Pankaj Batra
Produced by:Amiek Virk Karaj Gill
Screenplay by:Jass Grewal
Story by:Jass Grewal
Starring:Ammy Virk Binnu Dhillon Simi Chahal Sheetal Thakur
Music by:Jatinder Shah
Cinematography:Vineet Malhotra
Edited by:Manish More
Production company: Nadar Films Rhythm Boyz Entertainment

Plot: Story starts with a wedding. Here Ammy virk( chanan Singh) got married to a girl who has a dark in color Simmi Chahal ( pakko ).. chanan loves her wife so much from day one. She also love him a lot. One day they had to go to chanan singh’s in-laws for his brother in law’s engagement. Here they met Binnu Dhillon ( Resham Singh) and his wife sammi ( sheetal Thakur). Binnu Dhillon is a station master and have a very rich lifestyle he owns a bike ( bambukat). Ammy and his wife doesn’t get much attention because they are not that much rich.

After came back home ammy’s wife ask him to get a bambukat.. then some how after selling his camel he bought a bambukat from a unknown person. Then they went for a marriage at the same place. Now everyone starts loving them because they have got a bambukat now.. suddenly police came in and arrest Ammy for theft that bike and they put him into prison for six months. Now everybody start thinking that Ammy is a thief and arrange his wife’s marriage with someone else….

What happen after? Did ammy came to rescue his wife or not ? Did he was really a thief? To know all these answers you should go and watch that amazing movie into theaters…

Ammy virk and Binnu Dhillon are definitely the most crucial and impressive part of the movie. the actor, who was last seen in Angrej’ and couple more, had all the burden on his shoulders . But in bambukat, you will see an effortless performance. There isn’t a single moment in the entire film where you can separate Ammy from Chanan Singh! , Ammy virk brings out all the emotions to the fore with his facial expressions and emotes through his eyes. Binnu Dhillon was amazing as always..No words for him. He played a Resham Singh,looks like the character was written for him. Simmi Chahal as pakko was amazing some emotional scenes she was even fantastic….rest of the starcast was fare enough to their characters.

Technicality: Pankaj Batra done a fair job with the story. He looks out at everything that story needs.

Cinematography was also quite good.

Music of the film is really nice and energetic. You can’t stop yourself to fell in love with the music.

At the end we would like to say Punjabi cinema is creating new milestones everyday. Bambukat is one of the film who should be loved by everyone.

So guys go and watch that beautiful film into theaters… please don’t watch pirated copies.

Go and watch in theaters. W’ll see you guys next time . until then good bye and cya……



Post Author: Uttam