Model turned Singer Bhumika Sharma releases her new song ‘Kali Maserati’

Punjabi Teshan :Chandigarh 13th July 2021. Punjab has always been the land of multi talented people. Here everyone ace at multi tasking, a singer is an actor, an actor is a director and a director is an actor too. Bhumika Sharma, who started her career as a model has also showcased her talent as singer and has released her new track ‘Kali Maserati’.

The lyrics of the song are written by Enzo who has also composed it along with giving his vocals. Along with Bhumika Sharma, Abhishek Kumar also feature in the video. The video of the song is directed by Aruna Rai. The official video of the song has released on the official YouTube channel of Friday Fun Records .

Talking about her experience Bhumika Sharma said, “Entertainment industry has always fascinated me, I just wanted to be part of this. I feel so grateful that I am living my dream. I am so thankful to all the audiences who have always loved me, and I just hope with this song ‘Kali Maserati’ they will continue to do so”.

Director of the song, Aruna Rai said, “I always prefer shooting the song as pan India level. With this song also I tried to keep the feel broad with the styling of artists to the sets. As Bhumika is a great dancer, I tried to play with that element too. The whole team has worked very hard for the project. I just hope audience will appreciate our efforts”.

The video of the song ‘Kali Maserati’ has already been released on the official YouTube channel of Friday Fun Records on 12th July 2021.