Manav Shah Going To Start His Carrier As Director With Laatu Punjabi Movie

It is a very good to do something by learning and from hard work. But most people just know how to eat chops If you want to talk, most of the people of the world of the Punjabi film industry are just getting “Lallu Kare Kawaliyan Rabb Sidhya Paunda”. But here are some people who have first priority to learn and then reach their destination and after that they prefer to do something great. yes,we are talking about “Manav Shah” .

Manav has worked as an assistant in many Punjabi films and now he is ready to become a director himself .Shah ,working with the prominent directors of Punjabi films, Manav Shah who earlier completed various projects such as Dharti, Taur Mitraan Di, Tu mera 22 Me tera 22, Singh vs Kaur and much more as an assistant and associate director. Manav first achieved many years of experience in filmmaking and now he is going to start his carrer, with the film “LAATU”.

Gagan Kokri is a renowned singer from Punjab who will play the lead actor in this movie. This film will be released next year on the story of Dheeraj Rattan. Summet Singh & Jagmeet Singh(Rana) going to produce this movie.

Laatu (Bulb). This movie is picturized to depict an era when there was a dearth of electricity in most villages and how thing like electricity (which is very common now a days) was a pre-requisite for anything or was like the status symbol of person in society back then. This movie is a story of a boy who wants to get his home electrified to increase his status symbol and fulfil the pre-requisite of Matrimonial alliance but how things turned but even after obstacles and overturning scenarios he gets his home electrified through legal means.



Laatu  Punjabi Movie
Laatu Punjabi Movie



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